Tuesday, 22 June 2010

More on the Outlaws Twilight Zone Rainout.

By Eric Jones

The rain came fast and with the sun shining steadily at Hawkins Field. At first, you figured that it was just a quick cloudburst, typical of a 98 degree Nashville summer day, but then it just started coming down harder.

Outlaws GM, Brandon Vonderharr admitted that he was glad the rain didn't come sooner as Hannibal had just got into their dugout when it started. "I don't think Jay Hemond (Hannibal's manager) would have believed me that it was even raining. Blue skies and here we are dumbfounded that it's even raining at all and then it comes down harder." Vonderharr and the staff didn't even have time to get the tarp in position as it looked to be a passing shower. The downpour ended up like a Bill Veeck promotion gone bad and washed the game out completely.

There might be some Veeck-esque pretense here after all. Jay Hemond is the son of former Chicago White Sox general manager Roland Hemond who served under Bill Veeck for many years. Although the Outlaws-Cavemen rainout won't rank up there with Veeck's 1979 Disco Demolition promotion where he actually blew up part of Comiskey Park's field, the oddity of the situation will go down as the first rainout in Outlaws history...under sunny skies.

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